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DIY - Workout
Get inshape & Lose Weight



Exercise Program

True life is lived when tiny changes occur. - Leo Tolstoy.  We people who like to find solutions for ourselves can be challenged with finding the time to research and come up with a plan of action.  Here I am attempting to take the leg work out of it for you.  To help make your life transformation plan as effective and easy as possible, this workout is done in easy manageable steps.  The exercise program has a warm-up, full body exercises, and cool down.  Exercise is a lifelong necessity to continue to nourish the body.   These exercises  can be done anywhere, at any time that works for your schedule.   

This program will help keep you in shape or get you into shape. 

It is not always about the quantity of exercises we do for the results we want.  Quality of the exercise can make a world of difference.  Here the exercises are full body which then allows you minimal time to get your workout in.  To help measure your success, use the Body Measurement Chart below.  Select 1 day every 2 weeks to measure yourself. 

 If weight loss is your goal these exercises along with the “DIY Eating Healthy” program will help you to safely lose weight.  What is healthy weight loss?  It is losing one to two pounds a week.  When planning your transformation plan consider what your goal weight is, and from there determine the number of weeks of losing 1 to 2 pounds a week would take.  (Example;  if you want to lose 10 pounds at 1 to 2 pounds a week it will take on average 5 to 10 weeks)  This weight loss is different then losing water weight, so it's not losing 10lbs of water, rather you are losing fat. Now let’s discuss the setup.


Again the routine consists of a warm-up, full body exercises and a cool down.  The routine is done both by pictures with written instructions and video with verbal instructions.  If you prefer the written formatting you may print the routine pages.  If you prefer the

video you  may download them, or you may choose to download both.  Please do what is going to work best for you and how you prefer to take in knowledge. 

As with any exercise routine it is important to warm up the muscles before working them out to prevent hurting yourself.  (Please seek the opinion of a doctor before doing any of these exercises to confirm they are safe for you and your level of health condition).  Each exercise is designed to do 20 reps 3 times, 3 to 4 times a week.  Days off it is recommended for this program that you do either yoga or zen yoga.  If you need ideas on how to locate a yoga practice; YouTube is great.  Along with the strength training exercise in this program you will also want to do 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 times a week.  This could be a 30 minute walk, bike ride, run, and swim for a few ideas.

The full body exercises are just that, they work the full body at one time.  As a DIY’er you may find other ways to achieve these exercises in other activities in your life.  For example when I am running behind with time and I still want and need to workout I use the cream rinse and shampoo bottles in the shower as weights and I do squats with an arm extension.  The goal again is to create a life transformation plan as effective and easy as possible, have fun with it.  Again, exercise is a lifelong necessity, so enjoy.  Remember that muscle has memory so if you use to workout and are trying to get back into shape it will typically take less time.  If you are using this as an addition to what you already do, please feel free to include weights with the exercises to increase the intensity of the workout.  This can also be down once this routine becomes a habit, you can always adjust to increase the intensity.  Let’s get started w


     Workout Program Implementation


                                                                                                                  Warm Up working out!

                                                  Arm Stretches  - Video  


Stretch your right arm out in front of you,  keeping it at shoulder height, cross it over to the left side. ... - With your left hand, gently press on your right bicep. ... - breathe at least 3 times here. - Switch and do your other side.

Side Bends Video




                                                    Sumo Squat with Side Bend    Video..


Core and Quad Strength & Development 

Stand in a sumo squat position with hands behind the head and elbows pointed back.   Bring right elbow to knee and hold. Bring left elbow to knee and hold. Return to the original position. 3 sets of 15 to 20.  If this is too difficult, take a break.  If you need more of a challenge, deepen the squat position so that legs are parallel to the floor.  Remember this is about your own fitness level, what works best for you.  


 Take breaks from sumo squat position when needed


Deepen the squat position so that legs are parallel to floor


Surrenders  Video


Glute and Quad Development & Strength   Glute & Quad Development & Strength

Stand with hands behind head Lower to one knee, left knee back to stand on repeat, alternating left and right.  It's a surrender so no bending forward, keep your elbows back.


Skaters Video


Back, Core and Leg Development & Strength, Agility

Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, step back to the right, land on the right foot,be intentional about the move.   As you land, cross the left leg behind the body and extend as far as possible.  Be sure to follow through with the arm that you are pressing it opposite with a slight twist of the body.   


Follow same exercise but at slower pace


Do not touch the back foot to floor, keep it hovering above the floor to improve balance


Updown Planks Video


Core and Arm Strength & Development

Begin in a forearm plank.  Push up on your right hand until your arm is extended.   Push up on the left arm so that both are extended in a straight arm plank. Lower left arm to forearm plank.  Lower right arm to forearm plank. Repeat, alternating first arm extended.


Perform exercise with knees touching the ground


Add a push up when arms are straight

                                                                                       Cool Down (stretch)


Thigh Stretch  Video


Kick your right heel to your buttocks and grab the top of the foot with your right hand. Press the right foot into your right hand to accentuate the stretch. Hold onto a wall or chair if you're having trouble holding your balance. Breathe into the stretch for 10 to 20 seconds and repeat with the left side.

Forward Fold  Video


Start by sitting down with your feet extended in front of you. Now bend forward until your stomach touches your thighs.  You may not be able to get there and that is alright, go as far as your body will allow (encourage yourself in your mind's eye to release any unwanted tension, or uptightness.  The more you do this and allow the body to open the closer you will get your chest to your thighs.  Hold your feet with your hands for 30 seconds.


Ease Pose  Video


Start by sitting down with your spine straight and legs extended in front of you. Then bend your knees and bring your left foot under your right knee and your right foot under your left knee. Keep the palms of your hands on your knees. Align your head, neck and spine.  Allow your eyes to gaze forward and pay attention to your breathing. Then allow yourself to stay in this position for 60 seconds or so and then change the crossed legs. 



                                                                              Body Measurement  Chart



Remember DIY Workout is a way of life whether you are here for getting in shape or to lose weight, I would like to encourage you to have fun with the journey.  Taking care of our physical body is what we should do for the rest of our lives, so finding a way to eliminate any potential drudgery would be of added value.  For additional motivation don’t forget your access to the DIY Transformationalist Group where you can discuss your experience, read motivational posts and if you are someone who needs help with accountability.  Oftentimes we DIY Transformationalist do most of what we do by ourselves.  Sometimes we may need help. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to schedule a Kokoro Coaching appointment, I would love to work together with you to find ways to help.

Stand up nice and tall, take your right straight up into the air and bend to one side slowly and hold.  Push the hip to the opposite direction, the obliques are stretched. Hold this position for about 15 seconds and breathe, do not lean forward or backward.

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