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Holistic Approaches to Outclass Anxiety - Six Empowering Ways

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Self Paced


Course Description: Welcome to this self paced seven course class on inner peace. My deepest wish is that it will empower you to overcome anxiety. How wonderful it is that you are committing time for yourself to find ways to manage your anxiety. Each lesson , if followed, will allow you to experience more inner peace and calmness in your life. These very simple strategies can change your life, and empower you to outclass your anxiety. Each lesson is more than an explanation of the strategy; it is an opportunity to practice and integrate the strategy and connect with any obstacles that may get in the way.

Please set aside quiet time on the days you have chosen to do the lessons. Read over the material and do the practices, explorations and meditations. They have been designed to help you outclass any conditioning that interferes with your ability to experience inner peace in life.

In each lesson you will get information on a strategy that correlates and allows you to connect the mind, body and soul. In order to create lasting change, you must learn how to balance life holistically, using all of the approaches to wellness. You can only understand and change your fears when you are honest with yourself as to what you are experiencing and why.

Included will be a list of emotional and physical connections with self and strategies to identify why you are anxious, and what you can do to heal yourself and feel better. You will be asked to make those connections with your feelings and emotions so that you can work on self-care that will affect the most change.

You will receive poses, pressure points, journal topics, to help achieve inner peace. You will also receive an ebook entitled “A Cup of Love” for those times when you need an added dose of inner peace in your life. Please note that these items will be used during the lessons and you can download them from the Tranquil Course material button. Also if you would like to discuss or share about what you are learning, experiencing or recalling you may do so at the Tranquil Motivation button under the Tranquility Studio Tab. I would love to hear your thoughts and how your journey is going!

Encouragement for Amber: Taking the time to find solutions to overcome anxiety is a huge achievement all on its own. You should be proud of yourself for taking this step. When I was going through bouts of anxiety and panic, I had no idea that it could be overcome, and as I reached out to find ways to deal with overcoming the annoyance of it, I am so thankful. The teachers who helped me and the knowledge that I have received to change my life forever, is why I want to help you. Know one should ever have to experience this in a way that is unhealthy. The unknown is scary, but when we decide that feeling better far outway anxiety, we can find inner peace.

During the next few days or so, you will learn how to be more present, and how to meditate as well as learn different approaches to dealing with anxiety. I am here to help. Just one moment at a time, that is all the time we really have, the present moment. My hope for you is clarity of mind, an open heart and an abundance of self-love, and positive energy.

Please note that if you are in need of professional help, please seek it for your own well being. This course is not to replace professional help when needed. You're worth any help you are in need of, so please seek help if need be.

Your Instructor

Amber Williams

Be willing to do whatever it takes to be a warrior for your own health. - Jan Mundo

Amber Williams
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