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Lesson Three - Stimulate the Point

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Self Paced


This lesson will allow you to use your own body to heal. Holistic means all inclusive, caring and nourishing the whole body. In lesson one we learned how to mentally connect with where we are in our life and accept where we are. Then in lesson two we learned how to connect with our physical body and feel our anxiety in the body and then allowed ourselves to release the anxiety from the body. Now we are going to learn how we can work with the physical body, to allow the natural healing energy in the body to flow releasing all negative energy connected with anxiety.

About Pressure Points

Life is all inclusive, we have an inner world and an outer world. To maintain balance we must nurture all aspects of our being. In metaphysics we learn that for every ailment or pain in the body, there is an external connection. For example, anxiety/nervousness is the distrust of the natural flow of life. We will later learn in another lesson about self-talk we can practice to release this and change our belief and identity to a healthier state. Here in this lesson we will learn to create energy in the body to release the stagnation that comes from stored negative energy, such as anxiety. Anxiety creates pain in the body, causes stiffness, and inflammation. Again the outer world connects with our inner world. The beauty of this is that we are amazingly designed allowing us to heal naturally if we allow ourselves.

Acupressure can be understood by an illustration of a pond. When a pond is still this could represent stagnation, no movement. Now if you take a rock and throw it into that same pond, what do you get? Movement, a rippling effect, energy, the water begins to move. When pressure is applied to points in the body it creates this same rippling effect or energy. Build up tension from anxiety causes discomfort can be released by applying pressure to the points and allowing the body to naturally release the negative energy (pain, discomfort, inflammation,etc.).

Stimulating the Points for Anxiety

In releasing pain from the body by using pressure points to allow yourself to feel good, you first want to be kind to yourself. The amount of pressure is not intended to inflict pain on yourself, rather to promote the releasing of negative energy. When you first apply pressure, if you have been experiencing anxiety, you may find the point to be sensitive. This sensitivity or pain is that negative energy stored in the body. The goal is for the point to not be tender and hurt. Let’s get to creating energy in the body, with these 6 pressure points that feel good and allow ourselves to release what no longer serves our highest good.

Activity: Please note you may locate a chart of these pressure points in the course material. Each point on the chart will be covered here. You may download the chart if you would like, I highly recommend.

Between the Eyes

The first point is called the hall of impression. Now, you may recall a time that you were stressed out and when you put your hands on your forehead, rubbing and thinking, because of being stressed out or worried.

It is kind of a natural reaction that we all have, and in this location is the hall of impression. The actual location of the pressure point is in the center of the eyebrows.

Using your thumb or index finger gently apply firm pressure, moving around in a circular motion. Best results are when you can apply this gentle firm pressure for 5 to 10 minutes. Allow yourself to relax and release, see the anxiety leaving the body, feel the positive energy moving in your body.

Top of Ears

The next point is called the heavenly gate point. This point is located in the upper shell of the ear. This point is known to relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Locate the point using your fingers, you may find that this area is tender if you have been under any kind of stress, or are experiencing anxiety. Apply gentle but firm pressure to the point for about 2 minutes. You may also find using your nail to gently poke the point also useful. Anytime you feel anxiety coming on you can use this technique to help calm you. Over time you will notice the once felt pain at the onset will dissipate.

Ah, the Shoulders

Another point where you may be all too familiar with is the shoulders, as the human body carries stress in the shoulder muscles. The point is called the shoulder well point. You can locate the point by pinching the shoulder muscle with your middle finger and thumb. This pressure point relieves stress, muscle tension and headaches.

After locating the pressure point, using your index finger and thumb apply gentle although firm pressure and as you start to massage, release the pinching from having located the point. Massage the point for 4 to 5 seconds. (If pregnant do not use the pressure point as it has been known to induce labor).

The Webbing of the Hand

For this next point, you will locate in the hand and it is called the union valley. This point is known to reduce stress, headaches and neck pain.

To locate the point look at your hand and at the peak between the thumb and the index finger, gently, although firmly apply pressure and using the index finger from the other hand. Do this for 4 to 5 seconds, again allowing yourself to relax and release the stress, anxiety and tension from the body. See the energy in the body moving and releasing what no longer serves you.

The Feet

This next point located at the feet is called the great surge point and is known for releasing anxiety and stress. The great sure point is also known for insomnia, releasing pain and menstrual cramps. It is located about 3 finger width from the intersection of the big toe and the second toe.

Locate the point using your finger, start at the intersection between the big toe and second toe working your way down about 3 finger lengths. After locating the point, apply firm but gentle pressure to the point for about 5 seconds. Again, if you have been under any kind of stress this point may be tender, so be gentle and remember the goal is to create positive energy in the body and to release what is no longer serving you.

The Precious Arm

The final pressure point to cover here is the inner frontier gate, located 3 finger widths below your wrist. This point is known to reduce anxiety, relieve nausea, and pain.

Locate the point by putting out your arm and turning your hand palm up. With the other hand measure down three fingers and the point is located in the hollowing between the tendons. Once you locate the point apply gentle but firm pressure and massage for 4 to 5 seconds.


In this lesson you learned how to create energy in the body to release the stagnation that comes from stored negative energy, such as anxiety. To recap there are six pressure points to stimulate the body. They are; hall impression, heavenly gate, shoulder well, union valley, great surge, and the inner frontier gate. Each of these points are known for releasing anxiety, and stress. They can be used as needed for creating energy in the body. The key is to allow the body to relax and take the time to connect with the point to stimulate the energy in the body. Allow yourself to the energy working and moving in the body, just like the rock thrown into a still pond. You now have three holistic empowering ways to outclass anxiety.

They are;
Journaling into acceptance
Meditating to feel and release
Pressure points to create positive energy in the body

In the next lesson you will learn additional ways to connect with the body to heal from anxiety, using yoga poses.

Your Instructor

Amber Williams

Today healing energy constantly flows through every organ, joint, and cell in my body. - Louise Hay

Amber Williams
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