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Lesson Two - Meditate to Feel

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Self Paced


In the previous lesson we learned or recalled how to make peace with anxiety. In this lesson you will learn or recall how to feel anxiety in the body and how to release it for your wellbeing and inner peace.


There are many ways to meditate, and meditation can be used for many purposes. Here we are going to discuss how we can use meditation to connect with our inner being for the purpose of feeling good. You may or may not already have a meditation practice. That is okay, life is all inclusive, there is no isolation. This meditation is designed specifically for you to connect with your physical body and to release anxiety from the body. If you already have a meditation practice, you may already know how to go into a meditative experience. If this is new to you the guidance provided is easy to follow, and the key is to allow yourself to go with the experience.

In our uniqueness, we are designed with a mind, body and soul and they work in harmony when we are aware and allow for them to be in unison. When we don’t allow ourselves to be in harmony with all of who we are, we find discomfort, either in our bodies, thoughts or behaviors.

The way meditation works is by allowing the mind, body, and soul to relax. Relaxing is achieved by breathing, bringing oxygen in and out of the body. In this state we can achieve the experience of being in the present moment. Completely experiencing the here and now, with our thoughts and feelings.

Activity- Meditation: Let's get started! The first thing to do is to find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Next decide for yourself how you believe you will feel most comfortable. I find lying down on my bed or on the floor, on my yoga mat or with a blanket allows for me to really relax and connect with my body. For you you may find sitting in a chair, or on the floor, again this is about you and your comfort and connection with your own body, and you know your body best. After selecting a quiet space, and a comfortable position, decide how you want to feel. If you are currently feeling uptight, anxious or fearful and are discomforted by this, create an intention for how you want to feel.

Please note; read through the meditation to understand how you will want to connect to the meditative moment. Then you may listen to a recorded version with music, and that can be down loaded from the Tranquil Course Material button. Enjoy!

Let’s begin

Take three long deep breaths in and and slowly release. As you breathe in, think of taking in life and positivity allowing yourself to feel the experience, and as you breathe out allow yourself to release any negativity or heaviness you may be experiencing.

Now just let yourself return to your natural breathing focused on breathing in and breathing out.

Start to take notice of the parts of your body, as we store positive and negative energy in the body. No judgement, just feel for the sensations you feel in the body.
Starting with your feet, allow them to relax, if there is any stiffness, see if when you breathe in you can bring your breath all the way down to your feet and let the tension go, allow your feet to just relax.
Move up to your shines, and feel for any sensations, pleasurable, continue to breathe and allow. if discomfort, continue to breathe and see yourself releasing any tension or stiffness, or pain.
Move up to your thighs and take notice breathing into any discomfort to release and breathing into the pleasure to allow.
Continue to move up to the torso, releasing any discomfort in the belly, or chest area, just relax and breathe, let go of anything that is no longer serving you.
Extend out to the arms and again relax and release and start feeling your body being totally supported, relaxed with ease.
Now up to your neck, continue breathing and releasing and allowing for the body in all it’s parts to feel good, calm and relaxed.
Finally up to your face and the top of your head, relax your eyes, your jaw bones, tongue and cheeks, feel the top of your head just release and relax.
If you are feeling any discomfort see if you can send your breath to those areas and allow yourself to just let go, you are safe, nothing serious going on here you are safe.
Recall your initial intention of how you want to feel, whether relaxed, connected, at ease, calm, peaceful whatever it is feel for that in all the parts of your body, see yourself in the experience feeling the feeling you want in your body, seeing it in your minds eye, recognize that you are in the present moment, and you are in complete control of all the parts of your body. You are worthy to feel how you want to feel, and you are more than capable to feel how you want to feel, enjoy the pleasurable feelings. Don’t become discouraged if you are not quite there yet, know that you can get there, let yourself go there, release and relax, and feel the experience be in the moment. Tell yourself in your mind's eye how you want to feel and again allow yourself to feel.
Continue to breathe……………………………….as you move on into your day no matter where you are remember to stay in the moment and to allow yourself to experience the feelings you want as it is all up to you, you are in control. Stay connected, and if you have an off moment be kind to yourself and just breathe. In a few moments I'm going to count backwards from 5 and I want you to start coming to your natural awake state. 5 start allowing yourself to become alert to your outer world, 4 wiggle your fingers and toes really connecting, 3 you are becoming more aware, two you are ready to move into the day feeling the joy you want into your day, and 1 open your eyes to a fresh new feeling.

You can use this meditation at any time you need to reconnect with yourself and to feel the ease you want to feel in your body. You may also desire to journal about your experience to impress upon your mind how you have the power within to overcome anxiety.


The goal of this lesson was to allow yourself to connect with the body and release any negativity that you feel in the body. It was a space in time to be in the moment in time to allow you the experience to see how much control you have over your mind, body and soul. Thus far we have learned that we can connect with our feelings, thoughts and emotions by journaling and using meditation. The next lesson will allow you to find points in the body that will also release anxiety.

Your Instructor

Amber Williams

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you. - Amit Ray

Amber Williams
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