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Anxiety & Conditioning

The saying goes; "knowledge is power". I believe that it is, so long as you make use of the knowledge. #Anxiety comes from living in the future, worried about the what if's and #depression comes from living in the past, whats already happen, done. Food for thought on the journey of healing from anxiety and or depression. In the scientific world classic conditioning consist of behaviors that are created by external stimuli. Today we know classical conditioning in areas such as phobias/fears. An example would be arachnophobia the fear of spiders.Typically it appears that people who never have been bitten by a spider are fearful of them based on what is known about spiders.An example is the fact that many spiders are poisonous.Another known fact about spiders is often times the bit of a spider can hurt or cause severe tissue damage.Not always is the fear of spiders because of the actual harmful experience to themselves but that in which they have heard from others.

With the example of the fear of spiders and how this steams from external stimuli we can consider where our anxiety or fears are coming from. Evaluate whether they come from what we know about a situation, is it what we have learned from others, is there validity to the fear. Of course there are events that indiviudals go through that are now memories, which yes, will be memories, but does that #memory mean it has to happen again. If the situation is avoidable then allowing oneself to release the fear would be showing oneself love. If it is a situation that is unresolved and needs attention then it would be a good idea to get help to eliminate the the issue again to show oneself love.

We consist of #mindbodysoul, so when we are experiencing anxiety and or depression all the parts of our being are impacted by the behavior. Ways to help the mind heal is by use of journaling, getting thoughts out of your head, and evaluating confirming if the fear is valid. #Meditation is a great way to calm the mind, body and soul to connect with the whole of who you are releasing the negative energy. #Yoga and #accupressure are ways in which to move the negative energy out of the body. You can find over in "Comfort Cove" yoga poses and pressure points that relieve anxiety in the body. The goal here is to help yourself on the journey of healing from anxiety and depression. It is not a replacement for professional help, although can be used along with it, and for maintence in the healing process.

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression and need help please get help. If you are already getting help or are already on the road to healing I wish you well, and hope that you found this post to as a helpful tool.

Namaste - "I bow to you"